Jinty was a weekly girls' comic published by Fleetway from 11th May 1974 to 21st November 1981 (a total of 393 issues), when it was cancelled and merged with Tammy (Jinty had itself previously absorbed another two failed titles, Penny and Lindy). The title carried a number of science fiction-themed stories (in the same way that stablemate Misty specialized in the supernatural), although it was not exclusively a science fiction comic. Strips featured included The Robot Who Cried (by Malcolm Shaw), Girl in a Bubble, Land of No Tears, The Human Zoo, Battle of the Wills, Paula's Puppets, Blind Ballerina, The Ghost Dancer, Do-it-Yourself Dot and Tricia's Tragedy. Among the artists who drew for Jinty were Jim Baikie and Alf Saporito.

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