2000 AD prog 593 cover

The cover of 2000 AD prog 593, by John Higgins

John Blake

John Blake, the protagonist of Greysuit, by John Higgins and Sally Jane Hurst

John Higgins, a.k.a. Turmoil, whose website can be found here, is a British comics artist, writer and occasional letterer who was born in 1949 in Liverpool. He left school when he was 15, joined the army and later spent time in a commune in Wiltshire. Higgins qualified in technical illustration at an art college on the Wirral in 1974 and became a medical illustrator, before deciding to branch out into comics.

Higgins was first published in Brainstorm in 1975, and drew the cover for 2000 AD prog 43 in 1977. He went freelance in 1978, and in 1981 he started getting regular work for 2000 AD, which included:

For Marvel UK, he collaborated with Simon Furman on Death's Head. In the mid 1980s John Higgins became part of the 'British invasion' of American comics and ended up doing the colouring on Watchmen (drawn by Dave Gibbons) and Batman: The Killing Joke (drawn by Brian Bolland). He has since worked on dozens of comics and strips, including:

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