John Reppion

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John Reppion is a British comics writer who was born in Liverpool in 1978 and is not yet dead. His website is here. His work includes:
  • Albion for Wildstorm (with Alan Moore and Leah Moore)
  • Wild Girl for Wildstorm (with Leah Moore)
  • 'The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo' for Accent UK (with Leah Moore)
  • 'Lusca' for Accent UK (with Leah Moore)
  • 'An Molethy a an Ny-marrow (The Curse of the Un-dead)' for Accent UK (with Leah Moore)
  • 'Mrs Henry' for Accent UK (with Leah Moore)
  • Black Shuck for 2000 AD (with Leah Moore)
  • Storm Warning for the Judge Dredd Megazine (with Leah Moore)
  • 'Scouting for Bots', one of the Tales from the Black Museum, for the Judge Dredd Megazine (with Leah Moore)

Reppion has also written articles for the Fortean Times, the Anomalist and the fanzine The End is Nigh, in addition to a book called 800 Years of Haunted Liverpool. (According to him, "I have always been interested in what goes bump in the night.") He and Moore are married. (Leah Moore, that is. Not Alan. Alan Moore is married to Melinda Gebbie.)

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