By Paul Neary and John Stokes

John Stokes is a British comics artist who has been active in the industry since the early 1960s, working primarily for IPC and, later, Marvel UK. He broke into comics basically because his brother George Stokes was already there, working for IPC, and after finding work with the same company, John worked for them for 16 years. Amongst his other work during that time, he drew all 360 episodes of Fishboy, plus instalments of Maxwell Hawke, Lennie the Loner, Marney the Fox, The War Children and Keen & Mustard, all for Buster, as well as Britain in Chains for Lion and, in the 1980s, drew for at least one issue of Scream! In 1979 he was recruited to work for Marvel UK by Dez Skinn, initially on House of Hammer and then on the Black Knight in Hulk Comic and various back-up strips for Doctor Who Magazine, as well as for Star Wars and Transformers. He also worked on Father Shandor and The Legend of Prester John in Warrior magazine, illustrated the text story Captain Granbretan in Captain Britain vol II #13, and drew a number of Tharg's Future Shocks for 2000 AD. In the 1990s he began working primarily for American publishers including DC and Dark Horse, but returned to 2000 AD in 2001 to ink an episode of Sinister Dexter and has since worked on episodes of Tales of Telguuth for them. He also inked various issues of Panini's Spectacular Spider-Man.

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