Judge Mortis

Mortis by Dave Kendall
Real name
Current alias
Judge Mortis
All dead
Base of operations

Unusual features
His face resembles a sheep's skull. His body appears to be in a constant state of gradual disintegration.
Marital status
Bringer of death to all who live
Law School
Transformed by black magic
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 224
2000 AD prog 1949


The foetid, unwholesome entity now known as Judge Mortis was once human, a Judge on the parallel world known as 'Deadworld'. He had himself transformed by black magic into his current undead form in order to become one of Judge Death's Dark Judges. During the fall of Deadworld he took over his country's environmental control and used it to introduce dead fluids into the food and water supplies, and to create deadly weather events.

Mortis has clashed repeatedly with both Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson in that capacity, most notably during the incident known as Necropolis, and was last seen floating in space after the Dark Judges' failed attempt to take over the colony ship Mayflower. No doubt he will somehow return to wreak more havoc in Mega-City One.

In the Dreams of Deadworld series by Kek-W and Dave Kendall, Judge Mortis' hobbies were shown to be gardening and wine-making. (You don't want to see his garden, and you seriously don't want to drink his wine.) His most prized possession is a gold pocket watch bearing the inscription 'With love forever J'.

Powers and abilities


Judge Mortis is a disembodied spirit who gains corporeal form by possessing the bodies of others using chemicals called 'dead fluids', a process which kills the host body.


Judge Mortis's touch causes rapid decay, his victims literally disintegrating almost instantly. It can also corrode inanimate material.

Strength level

Probably superhuman.


Judge Mortis can be temporarily incapacitated by a hi-ex bullet (as demonstrated by then-cadet Giant in 2000 AD prog 689).


'Mortis' is Latin for 'death'.


  • Judge Mortis' appearance is based on a sheep's skull Brian Bolland found while walking in the Lake District.
  • Judge Mortis featured in a one-page humour strip written by Matt Smith and drawn by Jock in the 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special. He was shown attending a party with some other Judge Dredd supporting characters which was abruptly terminated when Dredd showed up.


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