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Kal Cutter

Kal Cutter
Real name
Veejay Chander
Current alias
Kal Cutter
Kal Kutter
Sanjeev (brother)

Marital status
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1348


Veejay Chander, alias Kal Cutter (he wanted a name that sounded more 'street'), is a character from the 2000 AD strip Sinister Dexter. He was a young and ambitious would-be gunshark from Mumbai who moved to Downlode to learn the trade from Finnigan Sinister and Ramone Dexter, friends of his older brother Sanjeev. Such was his enthusiasm for his chosen career that he killed his first contract as soon as he arrived in Downlode, en route to his initial meeting with SinDex. Early on in his apprenticeship, Kal learned a hard lesson about his new profession when he fell for a dancer named Isobel who turned out to be his next contract. Kal was forced to choose between love and money. He appeared to have chosen money, killing Isobel, but was later revealed to have let her live. (The mistake SinDex made was believing Kal when he said Isobel was dead, and not checking to see if she was actually a corpse.) The two began a relationship, but Kal's profession kept getting in the way.

When the crime boss Senor Apellido, who had put out the contract on Isobel, discovered that Kal had let her live, he sent an army of clones to kill her as she and Kal tried to flee to Mumbai on the Suleiman Express. However, the pair were rescued by Kal's brother Sanjeev, with the help of SinDex. Isobel then disclosed that Senor Apellido was a clone of Moses Tanenbaum, Downlode's erstwhile kingpin, whom SinDex had killed after his wife Demi Octavo took out a contract on him. Apellido stopped trying to kill Isobel after that, probably because it would have been redundant, and she and Kal returned to Downlode.

SinDex decided to go on working for Apellido because he paid well. This enraged Kal, who said that since Apellido had tried to kill him and his beloved, he was his "blood enemy." He stopped working with SinDex and became one of the Mover's gunsharks instead, knowing that the Mover was Apellido's rival. However, when his new rôle brought him into conflict with his former mentors he couldn't bring himself to let them be gunned down, so he shot his partner Charon instead. SinDex weren't grateful to him for saving their lives, but rebuked him for breaking the gunshark code by letting his personal feelings interfere with his work... again. Rocky Rhodes later gave them a talking to and made them realise that Kal had done the right thing.

After Sinister had turned on Apellido and fled Downlode, and Dexter was presumed dead following a showdown with the police, Kal continued to work for the Mover, who granted him a personal interview as a reward for his loyalty (and was apparently prepared to overlook Kal's attempted murder of Charon). Kal was astonished to discover that the Mover was, in fact, a parallel universe counterpart of Moses Tanenbaum.

With SinDex gone, Kal and his partner Cane Broadus were considered to be the best pair of gunsharks in Downlode. Kal was convinced that both his erstwhile teachers were dead, so he was surprised when, just after learning the news about the Mover, Sinister sat down opposite him in a restaurant. He told Kal that, as he had sat with him and not killed him, Kal owed him a favour which he would be collecting later. Kal took this seriously, even though Sinister hadn't had any reason to kill him in the first place. (Perhaps the memory wipe which Sinister had had to escape detection by Apellido, and later had reversed, had distorted his recollection of events.)

Powers and abilities


Shooting people.

Strength level

Young human male who gets regular exercise.





Fact totem.


SinDex's black Edsel; stolen stretch limo; the Suleiman Express (a luxury intercontinental train).


Kal's right arm has been replaced by a 'skinplant', a kind of bionic arm which can look and feel normal until Kal tells it (using the command "skin it") to change form, becoming a gun; a literal 'handgun'. It isn't detectable by scanners.


  • Kal briefly considered using the alias 'Johnny Sitar'.
  • 'Vijay' is Hindi for 'victory'.


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