Real name
Private Keege
Base of operations

Unusual features
Port gunner; former historian
Camp McGarry combat school
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1300
2000 AD prog 1494


Keege is a character in the 2000 AD strip The V.C.s. An historian by training, Keege was one of the post-war generation of Geeks, eager to make amends for their aggressive progenitors. He first met Steve Smith in 2581 AD when he asked to interview him for a book he was writing about the Geek-human war, now fifty years in the past.

When the war was reignited by a surprise Geek attack Keege and thousands like him volunteered for the human army, believing that the conflict had been caused by a racist Geek minority. Smith, leading a new squad of V.C.s, was extremely unimpressed when Keege became its sixth member, joining Kali, Ryx, Lin-Fu and Ronsalle.

In his first engagement Keege made the crew suspicious by not firing on a Geek ship that was heading straight at him. However, he told them that this was because he was paralysed by an infrasound signal the Geeks were broadcasting. Tracking that signal, of which they had previously been unaware, led the squad straight to a Geek hive. Keege, who had been clapped in irons tied to a chair as a safety precaution, persuaded Kali to release him just in time for him to destroy the hive with a nova missile (everybody else was fighting outside the ship). Ronsalle was killed in the attack on the hive, and was later replaced by a trooper called Diderot.

While the crew was on leave Keege helped them to bond by entering a pub on Mars called Escher's Well. The human clientele objected to his presence, forcing Keege's crewmates to get involved in a massive pub fight (which they thoroughly enjoyed) to defend the honour of the V.C.s. Major Smith had been unsure about whether he still wanted Keege in his squad, but decided that he'd better keep the Geek or he would have participated in a career-risking fight for nothing. Keege went on to perform well in a number of battles, and helped Jupe to rescue Major Smith from Geek captivity on Charon.

The V.C.s later discovered that the human-Geek war had been started by an alien alliance called the Polity, who essentially viewed the war as entertainment. Keege had to try and persuade the pacifist or 'apologist' Geeks to band together with the humans and fight their common enemy. He and the other V.C.s were opposed in this endeavour by the bellicose or 'loyalist' Geeks.

By this time, 2583 AD, Keege's military prowess had impressed even the hard-bitten Ryx, who used his name rather than calling him 'Geek', and Major Smith, who addressed him as "friend." He ended up sacrificing his life to try and end the human-Geek war by acting as a decoy for Gaek'rr, an influential apologist. Mercenaries sent by the Polity killed Keege, thinking he was Gaek'rr, before the rest of the V.C.s could kill the mercenaries. Keege's team mates then brought Gaek'rr to a vital apologist peace conference, where he had a chance to bring about a new era of human-Geek rapprochement that Keege would never see.

Powers and abilities


Detecting infrasound.


Shooting stuff; being bilingual.

Strength level

Peak Geek male.



A book called Human Social Interactions — Intermediate Level Syllabus.


G.C.C. battlecarrier James Earl Carter; G.C.C. mobile.


The ship's guns.


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