Knockout (the second title of that name; for the first, see Knockout (Amalgamated Press/Fleetway)) was a humour comic published by IPC from 12th June 1971 to 23rd June 1973. Features included The Super Seven, Beat Your Neighbour, Pete's Pockets, The Haunted Wood, Shrimp, Boney, Son of Sir, Moose, The Toffs and the Toughs, Mucky Mick, Fuss Pot, Sammy Shrink, Barry and Boing, Ghoul Guides, Joker, The Katts and My Bruvver, amongst others. The title was eventually merged with Whizzer and Chips, with many of the Knockout features (including Fuss Pot, Pete's Pockets, Sammy Shrink and Joker) becoming long-running additions to that title. Knockout Annuals were published from 1971 to 1985.

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