Every week since the October 2010 revamp, except for 11/12/2010, the Dandy ran a strip drawn by Nigel Parkinson about a child version of a celebrity. These took a well-known trait from that celebrity, and parody and make fun of it.

Celebrities featured

  • 30/10/2010: Little Simon (Cowell)  depicted as always being nice, even though he tries not to be
  • 6/11/2010: Little Lord Sugar (Alan Sugar)  says "You're fired!" to everyone
  • 13/11/2010: Little Gordon (Ramsey)  gets angry (they couldn't use his usual foul language obviously, so they had him turn into the Incredible Hulk instead)
  • 20/11/2010: Little Stephen Fry  "Quite interesting"
  • 27/11/2010: Little Clarkson (Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond)  joyriding a car, with Hamster as a passenger ("Little James May" gets mentioned but isn't seen)
  • 4/12/2010: Little Bruce Forsyth
  • December 2010: Little Lady Gaga - (revealed on Facebook)

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