Real name
Mad George
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Unusual features
He's a robot
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George was an experimental giant robot designed and built on Mars with five brains: a master brain in his head, and four sub-brains in his limbs. His original purpose was to help human colonial expansion on Mars, but a design fault meant that his sub-brains refused to work in harmony with each other, and George never functioned properly.

Rather than waste money destroying him, the colonists abandoned George to wander alone across the surface of Mars, barely able to stand up half the time. When the robotic ABC Warriors discovered Mad George though, they realized he could help them bring peace to the planet by assisting in the defeat of the ruthless Biol Corporation who were attempting to drive local farmers out of business. The Warriors piloted George, controlling his disobedient limbs manually, and brought Biol down, but in retaliation Biol tanks attempted to blow George up.

The liquid metal ABC Warrior called The Mess (originally the indestructible robot Steelhorn) was dislodged from its vacuum flask in the attack and ended up flowing around George's body, effectively becoming an artificial nervous system for the giant, linking his five brains and enabling him to function as intended for the first time in his life. George assisted the Warriors in completing their mission, and was then left behind in peace when they departed Mars.

Years later, it was revealed that the Martian goddess Medusa had destroyed George, pronouncing him an affront to her dignity, and recreating the Mess as Steelhorn once more.


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