Mad Jim Jaspers

Jim Jaspers
Real name
Sir James Jaspers, MP; Lord Jim
Current alias
Mad Jim Jaspers

Marital status
Born a mutant
Place of birth
Place of death


Sir James Jaspers was a high-ranking politician on the alternate world designated Earth-238, who unknown to his colleagues was also both insane and an enormously powerful mutant with the ability to warp reality itself to his whims. He arranged for the creation of The Fury, a part organic, part mechanical 'Cybiote' killing machine which was used by the British government to wipe out all the country's superheroes, including The Spider, Android Andy and Miracleman. However, it failed to kill Captain UK, who fled to Earth-616 (the Earth of Captain Britain).

When Captain Britain himself arrived on Earth-238 by accident, Jaspers and his cohorts the Crazy Gang were the first people he met, carrying out a robbery seemingly just for the fun of it. The Captain quickly forgot about them when he encountered the woman Saturnyne and her Avant Guard, who were trying to forcibly advance the development of this "retrograde" Earth for the Dimensional Development Court. As the Court's plan was put into motion however, Jaspers resurfaced and sent the whole world totally mad, distorting reality and forcing Saturnyne to flee. Captain Britain and his companion Jackdaw were killed by the Fury, but the Captain was resurrected by Merlyn back on his own Earth soon afterwards.

Earth-238 was destroyed by the Dimensional Development Court in order to contain the madness Jaspers had spawned, but unfortunately a second, more powerful version of Jaspers was already active on Captain Britain's Earth. Taking control of the country, he transformed it into a nightmarish dictatorship and placed undesirables including superhumans like the mutant Meggan in concentration camps policed by sinister armoured guards known as Beetles. Captain Britain opposed Jaspers (who had also created duplicate versions of the Crazy Gang) alongside a small resistance group including his sister Betsy Braddock, Saturnyne and Captain UK, but they were no match for the madman's mutant powers.

Unfortunately for Jaspers, however, the Fury had survived the destruction of Earth-238 and found its way to this Earth. Having always been vaguely irritated by the fact that it could not kill its own creator, a superhuman like those it was built to destroy, the Cybiote was now given an opportunity to destroy another Jaspers which was not its creator, and it took it. After a lengthy battle, the Fury transported Jaspers to an empty dimension where there was no reality for him to manipulate, rendering him powerless, then passed a wire through his skull and incinerated his brain.

Powers and abilities


Reality warping.


Anything he could think of.

Strength level

As strong as he wanted to be.


Totally mad.



Smoke-bomb teapot.


Flying teapot.


Exploding teapot. (He really likes teapots.)


A version of Jaspers was later recreated in the mainstream American Marvel Universe and fought the X-Men, as well as presiding over the trial of Magneto.


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