Real name
Margaret Roth
Current alias
Maggie McNulty
Jack McNulty (husband); Dr Roth (father, deceased); unborn child

Unusual features
Angel technology bonded to her spine
Marital status
Living weapon
Bonded with alien technology
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1751
2000 AD prog 1763


Maggie Roth, the protagonist of 2000 AD strip Angel Zero, was the daughter of a scientist who discovered a piece of sentient alien technology he called an 'Angel' on the wreck of a spacecraft off the planet Minraud-9. Roth worked in bio-salvage, and took the creature, but a private security company called Whiteraven, headed by the ruthless Philip Stone, bought his company up in order to acquire his discovery.

Stone's people forcibly bonded the Angel to Maggie Roth, fusing it to her spine and linking it into her nervous system while her father did nothing to protect her, and then used Maggie as a living weapon controlled by drugs and trained by a man named Thorne, while also effectively making her a hostage to ensure her father's continued cooperation. When Roth was no longer useful, they murdered him, and Maggie was subsequently injured while quelling a riot.

Stone's medics removed most of the Angel technology from her body so that they could rebuild her damaged spine, and Maggie took the opportunity to escape, fleeing to a backwater town where she could live in peace with her new partner, Jack McNulty. Unfortunately, some of the Angel tech remained inside Maggie (causing her to have nightmares which she controlled with medication), and after some years Whiteraven tracked her through it and sent Thorne (whom she had blinded in her escape) to recapture her, along with a guide dog implanted with Angel technology reverse-engineered by the company from her own Angel.

Maggie reluctantly killed Thorne and left her home to take the fight to Whiteraven, realising that she would not be left alone as long as Stone continued to operate. She eventually destroyed Whiteraven's operations, including the corrupted Angels they had created and bonded to unfortunate human hosts, and left Stone at the mercy of his own augmented (and by now mad) dog before blowing up the complex, having first destroyed all computer files relating to her.

During the course of the fight, while temporarily captured by Whiteraven, the Angel tech had been bonded with Maggie again, but this time the previously incorrectly performed procedure had been successfully completed and Maggie now existed in a true symbiotic relationship with the benevolent creature, able to feel the presence of its kindred in space, as well as that of her and Jack's previously unsuspected unborn child within her. Maggie returned home to her life with Jack, but did not tell him about the Angel.

Powers and abilities


Enhanced strength, speed and intuitive powers.

Strength level



Since a piece of sentient technology has bonded with his wife without his knowledge, it could be argued that Jack is unwittingly committing bigamy.


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