The Marvel Bumper Comic was an initially fortnightly comic for younger readers published by Marvel UK from 1st October 1988 to 22nd July 1989, a total of 31 issues (with issue #14, it became a weekly). It included a variety of licensed strips, most of which had already seen print in other Marvel UK titles, including Doctor Who strips (from Doctor Who Magazine and The Incredible Hulk Presents), Defenders of the Earth, Hulk, Spider-Man, The Real Ghostbusters, C3PO & R2D2 (from the Droids title, rather than Star Wars), Scooby Doo, Count Duckula, ThunderCats, Tom & Jerry, William Tell, Lew Stringer's Combat Colin and (from #28) Alf (after it absorbed the Alf comic), along with various short features on movies and pop stars. There was also one Marvel Bumper Comic Holiday Special.

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