Marvel Heroes was a monthly magazine published by Panini UK as part of their Marvel UK line. Unlike the majority of Panini's Marvel titles, it contained British-originated material based on the familiar Marvel characters from a variety of creators, notably writer Ferg Handley. It was edited by Ed Hammond. The series ended in May 2011 after 35 issues when Marvel's new owners Disney issued an edict that from now on all material based on the Marvel characters must originate in the US (it was announced in the final issue that the title would be relaunched as Marvel Super-Heroes). The final two issues featured a two part Captain America/Captain Britain team-up drawn by Mike Collins which revived the villain Assassin-8, whom Collins had created for Marvel UK in Spider-Man in 1984, while issue #33 saw the long awaited return of Death's Head to British comics. See also Marvel Heroes Annual Vol 1.