In its last incarnation, following a brief period as Marvel Comic, the original Mighty World of Marvel morphed into Marvel Super-Heroes Monthly (There was also a Marvel Super-Heroes Annual 1980 and a Marvel Super-Heroes Omnibus in 1987; other, unrelated Marvel Super-Heroes Annuals not published by Marvel UK followed some years later). Highlights of the run included Alan Moore, Dave Thorpe and Alan Davis's Captain Britain, the concluding chapters of the Dark Phoenix saga in X-Men and the classic David Michelinie and George Perez run on Avengers. The title also featured, at various times, the original X-Men, Silver Age Avengers stories, short lived superhero team The Champions, Ms. Marvel, Super-Villain Team-Up, Spider-Woman, Iron Fist, a one-off story set on the Planet of the Apes and a series of text stories starring Night Raven. The series was cancelled with issue #397, just three months away from its 400th issue.

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