Marvel Team-Up was a weekly title published by Marvel UK from 11th September 1980-24th March 1981. A 32 page anthology like most Marvel UK publications at that time, it featured reprints of American Marvel strips from the original Marvel Team-Up title, plus Ms Marvel, the Fantastic Four, What If? and Morbius the Living Vampire. The first three issues carried free gifts-superhero stickers featuring a variety of Marvel characters. The series was short lived, lasting just 25 weekly issues, though there was also a 52 page Marvel Team-Up Winter Special published in November 1980, featuring a full length Spider-Man & Red Sonja team up, plus a Storm/Black Panther backup strip. Marvel Team-Up was eventually merged with Spider-Man & Hulk weekly, which became 'Spider-Man & Hulk Team-Up for a short time.

Cover gallery

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