Matt Smith, alias Cyber-Matt, is a British comics editor. He became editor of 2000 AD in January 2002, after serving as assistant editor to Andy Diggle since 2000, and took over as editor of the Judge Dredd Megazine in February 2006 following the departure of Alan Barnes.

Smith is 2000 AD's ninth Tharg, and its longest serving. He has written several Judge Dredd novels, one-off Dredd stories for Free Comic Book Day and instalments of the syndicated Dredd newspaper strip, as well as Top of the World, Ma-Ma, a comic strip prequel to the movie Dredd. He won Eagle Awards for favourite editor in 2007, 2008 and 2011.

He has no connection to any other Matt Smith, linked to a popular science fiction franchise or otherwise.


  • "Your Forty Years of Thrill-Power Festival was a joy to behold... there is one moment, one thing, that sums up what makes 2000 AD so different to other publications and proves what a family it really is. It was the sight as we first entered of Cyber-Matt helping out on the trade paperback stall — taking those hard-earned and well saved-up-for groats from the loyal Squaxx, a job that many an editorial droid of a different comic might consider beneath them. Truly leading from the front, a fantastic sight, and one that will long remain in the memory." Letter from Earthlet Jack Wainwright in 2000 AD prog 2024.
  • "In the Future Shock film documentary I don't think Matt's role was really emphasised. I mean, it's a hell of a bloody achievement, herding cats, putting up with lunatic writers and artists, and doing it for fifteen years successfully, with no shit! Those later years are so uneventful, simply because he got it right." Interview with Pat Mills in Judge Dredd Megazine #385.

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