Mek Quake
Real name
Base of operations
Mars; formerly Earth

Unusual features
He's a robot
Marital status
Demolition droid
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1932 (cover)


Mek-Quake is a character in the 2000 AD strip Ro-Busters. He was originally designed as a construction/demolition droid, a robotic bulldozer employed by Howard Quartz, Ro-Busters' CEO. A droid of little brain and extremely violent tendencies, he repeatedly clashed with his supposed 'teammates', Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein. When Quartz eventually decided to close down Ro-Busters, Mek-Quake was the only one of the droids on the squad he bothered to keep.

Centuries later, Mek-Quake turned up with his brain transplanted into a new, more humanoid (though still gigantic) body, acting as a war droid in the service of the human Empire of Termight, which brought him into conflict with Nemesis the Warlock. Back in his bulldozer body again (by this time, Mek-Quake apparently had accumulated several bodies) he later almost executed his former comrade Hammerstein, but was eventually inducted by Nemesis into the ABC Warriors, his loyalty having proven as uncertain as his temperament.

He served with the Warriors for many years, though he was never entirely trustworthy (conspiring against the squad with Deadlock and Blackblood, on one occasion) and became gradually more and more mentally unstable. Eventually, the Warriors had him committed to a mental hospital on Mars, and when Blackblood informed him they would not be returning for him, Mek-Quake joined Blackblood in switching sides, betraying the team to General Volkhan's forces.

When the Warriors defeated Volkhan and he and Blackblood retreated, they abandoned Mek-Quake to his fate, but he escaped and later turned up on a TV chat show promoting his autobiography, Big Jobs. He has since re-entered the employ of Howard Quartz, and murdered the adopted son of former ABC Warrior Tubal Caine on his orders.

Powers and abilities


Wanton destruction.

Strength level

Very high.


Tiny brain.



In his bulldozer form, Mek-Quake is his own transportation.


Nerve-stinging flagello-whip; chainsaw.


Outside of his 'official' continuity, Mek-Quake is said to be employed by Tharg, the alien editor of 2000 AD, to destroy script and art robots who fail to meet his impossibly high standards of 'Thrill Power'. Mek-Quake supposedly lived in the basement of Kings Reach Tower, where 2000 AD had its offices at the time. He now lives beneath the new Command Module in Oxford, and is still happily munching away on sub-standard droids.


  • Ro-Jaws once covered Mek-Quake with graffiti, including slogans such as "Killjoy is here"; "Wot? No big jobs?"; "I am a wally"; "Designed by a computer, driven by a moron" and "Asimov was wrong."
  • In his spare time Mek-Quake likes to listen to Metallica or read a magazine called Chain-Saw Tales. According to Hammerstein, he also enjoys singing songs from "films heavily criticised for their excessive violence."
  • Mek-Quake's favourite drink is Venusian lube (Damage Report, prog 1968.).
  • Mek-Quake featured in the 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special, in a one-page humour strip written by Matt Smith and drawn by Mark Sexton which showed him arguing with Hammerstein about the morality of depicting violence in a comic. (Mek-Quake ended the discussion by punching Hammerstein so hard he was knocked out of the panel.) He was also in the Ro-Busters story immediately afterwards.


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