Kilgore Slaughter

Kilgore Slaughter from Timesmasher

Mick Austin is a British comics artist who since 1996 has concentrated on fine art and held many exhibitions. He won an Eagle Award in 1982 for his Marvelman cover for Warrior, and also drew Madman for the same publication, although his career started when he co-created Timesmasher for Marvel UK's Rampage (he also worked on their short-lived Blake's 7: A Marvel Monthly magazine).

For 2000 AD Austin has drawn episodes of Tharg's Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Tales of the Doghouse (a Strontium Dog spin-off), Tharg's Terror Tales, Indigo Prime, Vector 13, Psi-Judge Corey and Urban Strike. He has also drawn four strips for Doctor Who Monthly.

From 1982 Austin was features artist for the Sunday Times, and he has illustrated articles for the magazines Men Only, Mayfair and the TV Times. Before leaving the industry he worked on Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures for Fleetway.

In 2003 Austin accompanied HRH the Prince of Wales as the official artist of his tour to India and Oman. (Don't worry, Pat Mills probably doesn't read this wiki.)

5thdocaustin Austin's Doctor Who

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