Emmilly Gunderson

Mrs Gunderson
Real name
Emmilly Gunderson
Husband (possibly deceased or estranged)
Base of operations
Sylvia Plath Block, Mega-City One

Quite short
Marital status
Normal human birth
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1996


Mrs Emmilly Gunderson, who is presumably a widow (though this has never been confirmed), is a character from 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine who lives in apartment 133b, Sylvia Plath block, Mega-City One. A pleasant and well-meaning but rather dotty old lady, Mrs Gunderson supplements her income by renting out rooms.

Largely thanks to the fact that she is almost blind and very hard of hearing, Mrs Gunderson was for some months the landlady of Judge Death (whom she knew as Jay De'Ath) without realizing who he actually was. She is (so far) the only individual that Death has pronounced totally innocent (he threatened to kill her in order to escape from a judicial containment facility, but could not bring himself to do so). Judge Death fled Mrs Gunderson's apartment owing her a month's rent, but the Justice Department paid it out of their petty cash because they were so impressed at him letting her live.

A company called Holiday Macabre later entered a business arrangement with Mrs Gunderson, paying her to let them conduct tours of her home, and paying a succession of actors, including one Gifford Crowley, to play Judge Death as a part of the tour. Sadly, Death's evil had infected the place, and while Mrs Gunderson remained immune (and, indeed, oblivious) to it, the actors inevitably cracked up and began to believe they were Death. Gifford Crowley was shot dead by Judge Dredd while attempting to kill Mrs Gunderson, but fortunately she didn't notice.

Mrs Gunderson later became the landlady of Walter the Wobot, who is currently her live-in carer. The serial killer PJ Maybe once kidnapped her as a ruse to distract Judge Dredd from his real target, Vienna. Mrs Gunderson's lack of situational awareness is such that she didn't know that she was being abducted, and merely thought that Walter was pushing her hoverchair at an alarming speed. Luckily, Maybe quickly abandoned her so that he could go after Vienna. When the Judges found her she was confused but otherwise unhurt.

Mrs Gunderson frequents the Quite Nice Bar for a small dry sherry in her spare time. She remembers "that nice Mr De'Ath" with fondness.

In her head, Mrs Gunderson is a young girl with her hair in pigtails, serving tea to her dolls.

Powers and abilities



Strength level

Elderly human female.


Mrs Gunderson is almost completely blind despite her incredibly thick glasses, and also extremely hard of hearing, both of which infirmities she denies strenuously. She also has angina.



Hoverchair (like a wheelchair, but it hovers).




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