Nipper no 1
Nipper was a short-lived humour titled published by IPC from 31st January to 12th September 1987. Unlike most IPC titles, Nipper was originally an A5 sized comic, half the size of its stablemates, hence its name. By the end of its run though, it had gone to standard A4 size.

Strips featured included Nipper, Wonder Boy, Blaster and Bignoise, Brad Break, Double Trouble, Felix the Pussycat, First Time Fred, Flapper, Frankie's Flashlight, James Pond, Kelpie's Kingdom, Kidder, Magic Trainers, Mighty Mouth, Mini-Monks, Nursery Crimes, Ricky Rainbow, My 'Dad' Mum, Roy's Toys, School Funds, Strong Arm, The Savers, Will and Bill and Sweeping Beauty.

There was a Nipper holiday special in 1987 and a Nipper annual in 1988 (Kidder and the Mini-Monks only appeared in the annual). The title was cancelled after 16 issues and merged with Buster.

A blog about Nipper can be found here here.

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