Real name
Greater Nordland Republic
Current alias

First appearance

2000 AD prog 228


Norts are characters from the 2000 AD strip Rogue Trooper who have also appeared in the strips Jaegir and Hunted. They are citizens of the Greater Nordland Republic, which is engaged in a galaxy-wide war with the Southern Cross Confederacy (commonly referred to as Southers). Both sides want to control Nu Earth because of its strategically important location, and their chemical warfare has turned it into a polluted hellhole where no normal human can exist without an all-over protective bodysuit.

Culturally, the Norts are a sort of futuristic cross between Russians and Nazi Germans. Their clothing, architecture, language and command structures are all reminiscent of those of a fascist or communist dictatorship, and they mostly have white skin and blonde hair. Nort nouns have a tendency to start with a K where there would be a C in English, and the Nort for "no" is "nain," which presumably is pronounced the same way as the German "nein."

In the original strips Norts were portrayed as one-dimensional villains who existed merely to provide Rogue with convenient targets, but later strips such as Jaegir have delved deeper into their way of life and beliefs. Like the Southers, they believe that they are fighting for what is good and decent; like the Southers, they have committed terrible atrocities during the long and bloody war. They appear to worship a triple goddess (or a single goddess with three aspects) known as the 'Mothers of God': the Mother of Tears, the Mother of Sighs and the Mother of Darkness. They also believe in the existence of two hells.

Norts value stoicism, bravery and devotion to duty so highly that they can often appear sadistic, even to their own citizens. The children of the elite officer class attend brutal boarding schools (at which some of them die), and the children of the poor are left to starve on the streets. Despite this, most of the Norts are utterly committed to the Greater Nordland Republic and will fight to their last breath for it, obeying orders without hesitation. It is apt that the greatest enemy of such a hierarchical people, where obedience is paramount, should be called 'Rogue'.

An ill-advised attempt to alter the Nort gene pool to turn them into a race of super-soldiers has left some of them infected with the 'strigoi taint'. This genetic quirk grants its bearers enhanced speed and strength, but can also cause them to one day degenerate into bloodthirsty monsters.

Powers and abilities


Fighting; genetic manipulation; creating drugs and poisons with a variety of useful effects.

Strength level

Occasionally superhuman.



Psychotropic gas (causes Southers to think that the approaching Norts are actually giant spiders); spy satellites.


Spaceships; hoppas; atmocraft; tanks; ships.


Las-batons; stun-det grenades; sealbursters.


Notable Norts include:


'Nort' appears to be a derogatory term coined by Southers because it sounds like 'nought', meaning 'zero' or 'nothing'. Norts never refer to themselves as Norts.


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