Nu Earth was a planet ravaged by war, or so it seemed – a senseless war which seemed to have no ending. The Genetic Infantry, designed by the Clavel Corporation and controlled by the orbital computer called Highside, were developed to fight that war, but were wiped out almost to a man on Hill 392. The sole survivor, the G.I. named Friday, eventually learned that he and his comrades had been manipulated all along by Clavel: the planet was nothing more than an elaborate weapons testing ground. Friday destroyed Highside and killed Clavel, but in doing so reignited the totally pointless war which Clavel had engineered on the planet. Later, Friday would discover that his Nu Earth wasn't even the original. Another Nu Earth, also the property of Clavel, existed on the other side of the galaxy and had been the testing ground for the original G.I.s, including the first Rogue Trooper.
  • Note: The above information is all taken from the 1990s reboot of 2000 AD's Rogue Trooper strip. In the original series, the Clavel Corporation didn't come into it at all, and since none of the characters or events from this series have been referenced in years in any of the various Rogue Trooper spin-off strips created since, it is entirely possible that Nu Earth version II has been quietly retconned out of existence...

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