Smash 51
Odhams Press was a publishing company founded in 1890, which began publishing comics in 1936 with Mickey Mouse Weekly (which ran until 1957). They subsequently published the Modern Wonder in 1939, and in 1959 bought Hulton Press and gained their titles The Eagle, Swift, Robin and Girl. For a time around this period, the company was known as Longacre Press. Odhams launched Boy's World in 1963, and in 1964 created Wham!, the success of which led to companion title Smash! and then to the rest of what became the Odhams Power Comics line, reprinting American Marvel Comics material alongside the traditional British content. Odhams was taken over by Fleetway in 1961 but retained its identity as a separate imprint until 1968, when the Odhams name disappeared and the company's last remaining title, Smash! became an IPC/Fleetway publication.

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