"The planet Eden. Five years ago Outlaw won Omni-Tech's deadliest man alive gunfighting challenge. Eight weeks ago Omni-Tech killed his lover and took his daughter. If he fails to defend his title in a second contest, they'll kill her too. Four days ago he was attacked by a gang of desert pirates. They took his bike, his guns and all his supplies. They left him for dead. Big mistake." 1

Outlaw was a strip published in 2000 AD progs 1000 to 1013. It was written by Paul Neal, with help from Marc Wigmore for two episodes, and drawn by Wigmore, Jason Brashill, Simon Davis, Clint Langley, Tom Carney and David Millgate.  One reader described it as an example of "divine genius" (prog 1017). In prog 1011 the outlaw is threatened by an alien holding a gun bearing the legend "E.T. says F.O.A.D."

1How hard can it be to shoot someone in the head just to make sure? It only takes one bullet. And they didn't take his guns. He clearly has a gun in the picture. Flamin' amateurs.

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