2000 AD prog 984 cover

Not pictured: the results of acupuncture

Paul Johnson is a British comics artist who was born in Dulwich in 1958 and is not yet dead. He started off being published in organs like Psst! and Escape (British comics from the early eighties), and also worked with Neil Gaiman on The Books of Magic. For 2000 AD he has created covers for progs 927, 932, 939, 951, 984 (pictured), 1005, 1023, 1027 and 1060. He has also worked on the strips Tharg's Future Shocks, Tharg's Terror Tales, Judge Dredd, Janus: Psi-Division, Vector 13, Witch World, Sinister Dexter and Tales of Telguuth.

Johnson ran a series of comic book workshops in Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2000 with money from the Arts Council of Great Britain. He then became a practitioner of acupuncture and herbalism and lectured at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture before it closed down.

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