Peta Skingley was the London editor of Marvel UK during 1973 and 1974, succeeding Pippa Melling, formerly from Odhams, who had been brought on board to help set up the new weekly comics line. Peta appeared in print, in the main, under a man's name as was the custom at the time, variously as: Peter Allen, Peter L. Skingley etc. until succeeded by Matt Softley (in reality Maureen Softley, borrowing her son's name) in late 1974. She worked on weekly titles including Mighty World of Marvel, Spider-Man Comics Weekly and the Avengers, with her duties including overseeing the alteration of art and lettering on American reprints for the British market and the addition of UK specific advertising and editorial pages. She was responsible for hiring experienced designer Alan Murray, who remain as studio manager with the UK Bullpen working with a variety of young designers until late 1978.

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