Plug was a weekly comic published by D.C. Thomson from 24th September 1977 to 24th February 1979, a total of 76 issues. It starred (predictably) the character Plug, from the long-running Bash Street Kids strip in The Beano (although this solo version of the character seemed significantly different to the original) with various other strips including Digby the Human Mole, Antchester United, Eebagoom, Ava Banana, The Bandshees, Crazy Horse, First Ada, Eddie Daring, Gulp, Tony Jackpot, Sea Urchin, Supporting Life, Luncheon Vulture, The Nutcase Bookcase, Hugh's Zoo, Lumpy Gibbon, The Invasion of the Plug Bugs, Gnoo Faces, The Games Gang and D'Ye Ken John Squeal and His Hopeless Hounds. Following its cancellation (which appears to have been as a result of low sales caused by a comparatively high cover price — 9p rather than the Beano's 5p — made necessary by the use of high quality gravure painting), the comic was absorbed into the pages of Beezer.

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