Rain Dogs

By Colin Wilson and Janet Gale

Like Strontium Dogs, but wetter. No, only kidding.

Rain Dogs is a 2000 AD comic strip by Gordon Rennie and Colin Wilson, with colours by Janet Gale. It appeared in 2000 AD progs 1213 to 1222, and is described in the following terms by Tharg's web-droid:


The 'Big Rain' has turned New York City into a twisted warren of river canyons and skyscraper archipelagos where danger lurks both above and below the water.


While the remnants of the city's population fight for a place among the ruins, others have persevered with their technology intact, surveying the less fortunate with cool detachment.


When a scientist named Eve crash lands in what was once mid-town Manhattan, she realises that in order to survive, she must put her trust in the one of the 'savages', a salvage-hunter named Holly, who is as at home in this new wilderness as Eve is a stranger to it.

Of course, even though the world has been drowned and daily life is a brutal struggle for survival, that's no excuse for our plucky heroines not to get their boobs out every so often, just to lighten the mood. The series has been published as a trade paperback.

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