Rebbels on the Run was an adventure strip published in IPC's Smash! comic in 1969. It starred three young brothers, Mike, Tug and Rupert Rebbel (Rupert was the youngest, Mike and Tug in their teens) who ran away from an orphanage in order to avoid being separated. This slightly uninspiring premise took a number of twists and turns when the Rebbels first became involved with criminals led by a man called Talon (who appropriately had a metal claw in place of his left hand) and then, somewhat bizarrely, discovered that their late father had been a Government agent, and that a copy of his mind had been preserved with a sophisticated robot which became their guardian. At this point, the strip was renamed 'The Rebbel Robot', and the focus became the Rebbel's quest to track down the Genie, the criminal who had killed their father!


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