Red dwarf
Red Dwarf Smegazine, based on the popular BBC TV sci-fi sitcom, was published by Fleetway from March 1992 to April 1993 (14 issues), with a second volume running from May 1993 to Jan 1994 (9 issues). The second volume increased the page count from 40 to 48 pages, with the final issue being a 64-page special. All issues featured multiple comic strips based around the misadventures of the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf and various other characters from the TV series, including the nerdy Duane Dibbley and the homicidal Mr. Flibble (the latter with art by Rob Sharp), as well as other related strips such as mechanoid soap opera Androids (with art by Kev F. Sutherland) and Mimas Crossing, a strip by Pat Kelleker, James Hill and David Lyttleton which was set in the Red Dwarf universe but largely unconnected to the main characters. Art on the main Red Dwarf strip was initially by Alan Burrows and later by Nigel Kitching (who also drew Duane Dibbley), among others. In addition, there were various factual features on the TV show.

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