Resting Bitch Face

Resting Bitch Face
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Resting Bitch Face

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ETC officer
Born Cycle of Djuke (2023)
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2000 AD prog 1924
2000 AD prog 2053


Officer Resting Bitch Face, a character from the 2000 AD series Grey Area, is a border patrol officer from Homeworld, the native planet of the telepathic pacifist species known as the Harmonious Free.

At day-rise on the tenth of the eleventh of the fifth calendar cycle of the period Djuke, Bitch (as she was known, in a completely non-pejorative sense) and her colleague Officer Compelling Male Musk Odour were on duty in the exo-immigration zone or Grey Area, where aliens wishing to visit Homeworld were quarantined. It was another routine day in a job neither of them particularly liked, enlivened only by Musk's complaints about their boss and the occasional fight with an angry extraterrestrial... that is, until the arrival of five aliens calling themselves 'humans'.

The humans, who gave their names as Adam Bulliet, Birdy, Manners, Kymn, Feo and Neats, claimed to have arrived from their home planet, 'Earth', by travelling in their spaceship down the digestive tract of a 'God-Star', a colossal world-eating monstrosity with a wormhole at its centre. They also told their hosts that, although they had killed the God-Star threatening Earth, there was a second God-Star close by which would soon approach and consume Homeworld. Bitch and the rest of the Harmonious Free, however, were so happy with life on their planet, enriched by a global psychic union maintained by their benevolent Elite caste, that they had never invented space-ships or long-range scanners. They were glad to provide the humans with nourishment and shelter, but did not believe that the God-Star was anything more than a delusion held by their alien guests. It was only after Bitch finally permitted Adam Bulliet an interview with one of the Elite that the Harmonious Free realised that the God-Star was, in fact, a very real and fast-approaching threat to their solipsistic existence.

Bitch was very ashamed that she and the other Harmonious Free hadn't listened to the humans' warnings earlier, especially after "human Manners" gave his life to help destroy one of the astral parasites accompanying the God-Star. This made her less convinced of her species' superiority, and therefore much more likeable. She ordered all the inmates of the Grey Area to be freed and armed so that they could participate in the noble but ultimately doomed attempt to fight off the God-Star's parasites.

In a brief moment of calm during the battle, Birdy and Bulliet were married by an alien from a species which worshipped a war-god. Bitch was unfamiliar with the concepts of both religion and marriage, and initially found them repellent, but was moved to tears as she watched the ceremony. Her remark about how she saw that the humans were coming together to create something that would be perceived as something greater than the sum of its parts sparked a revelation in Kymn, a human who could speak all alien languages. Kymn told the Harmonious Free to sing the God-Star's telepathic 'dirge' back to it. This made the God-Star think that Homeworld was another God-Star, and back off.

The God-Star was then destroyed by the Congruence, a federation of advanced alien species who were responding to a distress call sent out on a jury-rigged transmitter built by Birdy and Neats. The Congruence gave the humans a lift home on their spaceship. Bitch and Musk were assigned to return with them to Earth as part of a cultural exchange programme, in order to help the Harmonious Free learn more about other species. They both ended up working in Earth's version of the Grey Area. Bitch was assigned to squad eighty-six, the Exo Transfer Control (ETC) team lead by Bulliet. She is now attempting to adjust to life on Earth, hampered somewhat by her inability to quite grasp the strange customs and idioms of her new colleagues.

Powers and abilities


Like other members of the Harmonious Free, Resting Bitch Face has telepathic and empathic abilities. However, she finds it uncomfortable to telecommune with other species.


Law enforcement; armed combat.

Strength level

Female Harmonious Free who gets regular exercise.


She has a tendency to take every statement totally literally. Also, on Earth, without the Harmonious Free to sustain her in psychic union with other members of her species, her telepathic link with Musk's mind fades away and she feels lonely (see quotes).



ETC identity card; bio-heuristic visor which gives her the ability to see in obscure conditions (e.g. sandstorms).


Flyer powered by a telekinetic Elite of the Harmonious Free; Congruence spaceship; flying ETC vehicle.




Resting Bitch Face had a cameo in 2000 AD prog 2000 (published September 2016) which was drawn by Boo Cook. She was shown patting Harry Absalom on the head as he offered her a swig of whisky. Presumably they were exchanging policing anecdotes.


  • On Earth in the early 21st century, someone with a 'resting bitch face' is someone whose default facial expression — when their face is 'at rest' — is that of a really mean, angry person, even if that doesn't reflect their personality.
  • Bitch has two hands, with three fingers and a thumb on each. She also has no nose and is a head taller than an adult human male.
  • Calling Bitch by her sub-name, 'Resting', is considered by her to be very rude.


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