Scorcher was a football themed comic/magazine published by IPC from January 10th 1970 to 5th October 1974, although to be pedantic, it actually became Scorcher and Score from 3rd July 1971 after being merged with the failed title Score 'n' Roar. Strips featured included Hot Shot Hamish, Sub (by Ken Reid),Royal's Rangers (by Leslie Branton), Paxton's Powerhouse (by Barrie Mitchell), Bobby of the Blues, Kangaroo Kid, Byrd of Paradise Hill, Lags Eleven, and later (after the merger with Score) Nipper, Billy's Boots, Manager Matt (by Ken Reid), Jack of United and Jimmy of City. It was eventually cancelled and merged with Tiger.

Scorcher Annuals were published from 1971 to 1984, and there were Scorcher or Scorcher & Score Holiday Specials from 1970 to at least 1980. There were 77 issues of Scorcher in all, and a further 171 issues of Scorcher and Score.

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