Senor Apellido

Davis Apellido
Real name
Current alias
Senor Apellido
Sénor Apellido
Base of operations

Crime boss
Clone of Holy Moses
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1380


The mysterious Senor Apellido arrived on the scene in Downlode some time after the death of underworld kingpin Holy Moses Tanenbaum and quickly began to establish himself as a major player in the world of organised crime. He hired gunshark duo Sinister Dexter to kill a dancer called Isobel as a test of their abilities, but their apprentice Kal Cutter had become infatuated with her and secretly let her live. Finnigan Sinister and Ramone Dexter told Apellido that Isobel was dead and he put them on a retainer.

When Apellido heard that Isobel was still alive, Kal took her and fled the country. Apellido sent an army of clones to kill the pair and SinDex, who were in pursuit of them, but the clones were unsuccessful. Isobel told the gunsharks that Apellido was a clone, and she had been sent with him from the cloning clinic in Rio to monitor his progress. His gene donor was none other than deceased crime lord Holy Moses Tanenbaum, whom SinDex had killed after being hired to do so by his wife Demi Octavo.

Apellido's activities eventually brought him into conflict with would-be kingpin the Mover and his P.A. Miss Deeds. What Apellido didn't know was that the Mover was in fact an alternate version of Holy Moses from another Earth.

Sinister and Dexter were initially happy to continue working for Apellido, because he paid well. However, they changed their minds when they discovered that he was employing their friend Billi Octavo, the sister of his late clone's wife, and when Kal Cutter (who was working for the Mover at the time) shot his own partner to protect them when they were doing Apellido's dirty work. Then Tracy Weld told Dexter, her lover, that Billi was actually a police plant, and that she had just been informed of Apellido's true identity. Sinister got to Apellido's apartment just in time to stop Billi shooting Apellido. When Apellido then instructed him to kill Billi, Sinister instead knocked him out and and fought his way through a small army of Apellido's bullet monkeys, eventually leaving Downlode altogether. With Sinister gone and Dexter presumed dead after shooting a cop who had been trying to prevent him coming to Sinister's aid, Apellido was free to continue trying to rule Downlode and outmanoeuvre the Mover without interference.

As soon as Sinister arrived back in Downlode a year later, the arms dealer Cherri Bomb contacted Apellido to tell him. Apellido then received a call from Sinister on the vone of Chevy Brakes, one of his subordinates whom Sinister had just killed, along with his five helpers. Sinister told Apellido that he was coming to get him, leaving Apellido sitting in his armchair looking as though he had just seen a ghost.

Powers and abilities


Deeply devious.

Strength level

Not that strong or capable, physically.



Flying Mercedes; shiny red sports car.


  • Apellido used to have an army of clones called Mr Albus (the Latin for 'white') and Mr Fuscus (the Latin for 'brown'). However, most of them were killed by SinDex.
  • The chief of Apellido's bullet monkeys was a "Ukrainian psycho" (according to Rocky Rhodes) named Ronko, after a brand of toilet paper. Like the toilet paper, he was "unpleasant, abrasive and hard on everyone's ass"... until he was eventually killed by Ray Dexter.


  • 'Apellido' is Spanish for 'last name'.
  • Apellido, who has a taste for the finer things in life, owns an opulent apartment on the fifth floor of 10,001 Gates Drive, Imelda Prospekct. He also owns 2112 Gartside, "a luxury hacienda-style bungalow in the swanksome stockbroker belt," which has an outdoor swimming pool.


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