Shadow riders

Left to right: Roadie (female Rider), Stranger, Boot (in the lead) and Grunt

Shadow Riders was a 1993 US format limited series published by Marvel UK, featuring a group of individuals killed in violent skirmishes or accidents who were reanimated and given super powers by the alien wizard Vorin to help him in his war against the evil Mys-Tech Corporation. The series guest-starred a number of other Marvel UK characters (notably the Warheads, Dark Angel and Death's Head II) as well as American Marvel characters Cable, the Hulk and Ghost Rider.

Sadly, the adventures of Vorin, Roadie, Grunt, Stranger, Boot and Che and their non-human sidekick Goodfellow did not take the comics world by storm and the born-again bikers haven't been seen since. The Shadow Riders were created by John Freeman, Brian Williamson and Ross Dearsley.


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