First episode of Shadows, 17/5/2010

After Striker left The Sun newspaper in 2009, they decided to run Internet viral pictures in its place on the comics page. Unsurprisingly, these were unpopular, and eventually a proper replacement comic strip was launched. With the popularity of vampire movies such as Twilight, the new comic strip, which is created in 3D computer graphics just like Striker, would tell the story of a man who gets unwittingly involved in the affairs of the vampires after meeting a woman one night.1 Shadows: The Awakening follows Alex, a DJ, his sister Kat, and his friend Rachel, who Kat seems to think is her girlfriend. Kat has a new job working for a TV talent show judge as his personal assistant, but he is secretly the leader of a group of vampires involved in a conspiracy.2 Turns out that 3D computer graphics were a good choice for a strip about the undead, because they make all the characters look like alabaster effigies.


1Why? It's common knowledge that Twilight is sub-Mills and Boon fantasy fodder for pubescent girls. Are there many mopey female adolescents reading the Sun?
2On the other hand, that sounds like exactly the sort of thing Simon Cowell would be up to.

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