2000 AD prog 1279 cover

By Henry Flint


A time of terror has descended upon the galaxy. Once a place of peace and order, now races wage war upon one another unchecked by any authority. Planets, civilizations, even entire star systems face total annihilation or enslavement. But a vengeful figure is emerging from the chaos, striking at targets with a ruthless determination. Its mission is unknown, its origin a mystery. In fact, only two things are certain... Its name is Shakara — and it will not be stopped!"

Shakara is a comic strip created by Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint. The first episode appeared in 2000 AD prog 2002 (published December 2001). The story was continued in progs 1273 to 1279; progs 1441 to 1449; prog 2008 (published December 2007); progs 1567 to 1573; progs 1650 to 1661; prog 2011 (published December 2010); and progs 1715 to 1727. Pictured is Henry Flint's cover for 2000 AD prog 1279.

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