2000 AD prog 795 cover
Simon Harrison is a British comics artist and yet another alumnus of 2000 AD. He joined Tharg the Mighty's team in 1987 and started, as most rookies did, by working on some of Tharg's Future Shocks. One of those introduced the misbehaving demon-child Bradley, who went on to have his own series, also drawn by Harrison. He also drew the Strontium Dog story 'The No-Go Job', managing to make Middenface McNulty's granny's dog look suitably vicious, and the first part of 'The Final Solution', in which Johnny Alpha died, because Carlos Ezquerra refused to work on it. His richly textured, sinisterly humorous style — cartoons for adults — worked well for a strip which tended to satirise modern Britain and its institutions.

Harrison also drew two stories of the spin-off strip Strontium Dogs, collaborated with John Smith on Revere and drew a story for Crisis. Outside comics, he has written a book called Kung Fu For Girls. Recently Harrison has focused on artwork intended to raise awareness of socio-economic and ecological issues, examples of which can be found on his website.

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