Sister Sledge

Sister Sledge
Real name
Current alias
Sister Sledge
Enemy of Rogue Trooper
Base of operations

Filth columnist
Normal human birth
Place of birth
Greater Nordland Republic
Place of death
Scum Sea, Nu Earth
First appearance
Last appearance


Sister Sledge is a character from the 2000 AD strip Rogue Trooper. Rogue met her when she was working as a chem-nurse in Nu Atlanta, the military capital of the Southers on Nu Earth, situated in the region called Dix-I. Almost as soon as they'd met he disturbed a Nort 'filth columnist' poisoning Nu Atlanta's oxygen filtration system. After this the Norts overran the city and Rogue and Sister Sledge were forced to flee, trekking through Dix-I on foot to safety. Helm, who was always a bit of a ladies' man, was charmed by Rogue's new acquaintance, but Gunnar insisted that she would hold them up and they should ditch her.

Rogue's time with Sister Sledge followed a pattern: time after time he would turn round to find her knee-deep in dead Southers, insisting that some terrible calamity had cut them down just before he arrived and she was, miraculously, the sole survivor. Eventually Bagman told Rogue that he'd actually heard her killing a bunch of Souther cadets, but Rogue concluded that he was suffering from one of his periodic bouts of insanity.

When Rogue and Sister Sledge had escaped from Dix-I in a patched-up lifeboat and were adrift on the Scum Sea, Rogue started feeling ill and rapidly succumbed to paralysis. Sister Sledge revealed that she had been a Nort 'filth columnist' all along and had been injecting him with poisons every night while he slept — her bag of 'medical equipment' was actually full of chem-weapons she had been using to kill every Souther she came across. Rogue had never noticed his own nocturnal injections because of his genetically modified thick skin. Now she had finally found the right strain of virus to kill the Southers' most famous soldier.

Sister Sledge's boast about how she had killed Rogue using "the gentle touch" inspired Bagman to pretend to be mad again, allowing her to get close enough for him to gently tip her overboard into the Scum Sea. Appropriately, given all the people she had poisoned, Sister Sledge's ultimate fate was to be dissolved by the ultra-toxic waters. When she begged Gunnar and Rogue for help Gunnar reminded her that she had paralysed Rogue. "As for me? Well... Frankly, my dear, I don't synth a damn!"

Rogue recovered from his poisoning minutes later (indicating that Sister Sledge had been premature in her declaration of victory). Helm informed him that "Sister Sledge is now... SLUDGE."

Powers and abilities


Convincing actor.

Strength level

Human female who gets regular exercise (walking around Nu Earth).



Chem-suit; bio-chem bag (actually a container full of chem-weapons); pickup pulsar to signal Nort troops with.


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