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Sisters of Death
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2000 AD prog 654


Phobia and Nausea, known as the Sisters of Death, were two "death cultists and devotees of the dark arts" on the parallel Earth known as Deadworld, who befriended a young Judge called Sidney and used their powers, derived from human sacrifice, to turn their eager protégé into Judge Death. They subsequently metamorphosed into hideous undead creatures themselves, and helped Judge Death to transform three of his associates into Judge Fear, Judge Fire and Judge Mortis, the Dark Judges, who went on to murder the entire population of their planet. The Sisters aided the Dark Judges and their recruit, Judge Kraken, in trying to conquer Mega-City One during the Necropolis event. They later summoned three other family members — Pustula, Ephemera and Dementia — to help them try to stop Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson from destroying the bridge connecting Deadworld to the Mega-City. They were unsuccessful, and the entire undead family were banished back to Deadworld, vowing one day to have their revenge.

Powers and abilities


Uncatalogued but extensive mystical abilities.


It isn't clear how many Sisters of Death there are. Originally, only Phobia and Nausea were shown. Later, three more were introduced. Series such as Dreams of Deadworld and The Fall of Deadworld have shown extra Sisters such as Sister Psiren and Sister Bedlam, who may or may not still be 'alive', like Pustula, Ephemera and Dementia apparently are. What is clear is that Phobia and Nausea are the originals — the pair whose actions started the chain of events that lead to Deadworld becoming Deadworld.


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