The Sleeze Brothers

Sleeze Brothers
Real name
El' Ape and Deadbeat Sleeze
Current alias
The Sleeze Brothers
Each other

First appearance

Doctor Who Magazine #147 (1989)


El' Ape and Deadbeat Sleeze are two brothers who grew up in an orphanage for unwanted "boil in the bag" test tube babies on Earth in the future, raised by the ageing Papa Beatbox. As adults, they try to make ends meet as private detectives in the seedier areas of The Big Apple (formerly New York City). Not actually evil, the Sleezes are nevertheless deceitful, untrustworthy and generally disgusting. And those are their good points.


The Sleeze Brothers first appeared in a one-off story titled Follow That TARDIS in Doctor Who Magazine before graduating to their own short-lived (seven issues) series from Marvel UK in 1990-91. They are, of course, inspired by Jake and Elwood Blues from the cult movie The Blues Brothers, though their characters are apparently actually based on artist Andy Lanning's cousins, Phil and Pete Carmichael. The world inhabited by the Sleezes is vaguely reminiscent of the future seen in the movie Blade Runner.


The final (extra-length) issue was published some time after the first six and was not included in the collected edition of the series.


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