Smash 51
Smash! was initially one of the Odhams Power Comics line published by Odhams from 15th February 1966 until 15th March 1969, from which point it continued to be published by IPC (following the dissolution of Odhams) until 3rd April 1971. For much of its run it featured a mix of British-originated humour and adventure strips including Bad Penny, The Nervs, and Grimly Feendish (initially by Leo Baxendale, then drawn by other artists); The Swots and the Blots (by Ron Spencer. Mike Lacey and, from March 1969, by Leo Baxendale); Queen of the Seas (by Ken Reid); Space Jinx, Charlie's Choice and Moon Madness (by Brian Lewis); The Legend Testers (by Jordi Bernet); Ronnie Rich (by Gordon Hogg) and It's the Rubberman. There were also reprints of American material including Batman (from the Sunday newspaper strip); DaredevilFantastic Four; Avengers; and Incredible Hulk. (Notably, Smash! #38 also contained a one-off British-originated Hulk strip, the first British-originated strip to star a Marvel character, some years before the creation of Marvel UK).

Later, following the absorption by Smash! of sister title Pow! it also gained Spider-Man, as well as the UK-originated strips The Cloak by Mike Higgs and Brian's Brain. After incorporating Fantastic it gained Thor as well. When Smash! was taken over by IPC, however, all US reprint material was dropped.

Later additions included Cursitor Doom by Eric Bradbury and Erik the Viking by Don Lawrence (the latter being reprinted from Lion) as well as Master of the Marsh; His Sporting Lordship; King of the Ring; Bunsen's Burner; Janus Stark; Sergeant Rock — Paratrooper; The World Wide Wanderers; Rebbels on the Run (later The Rebbel Robot); Nutt & Bolt, the Men from W.H.E.E.Z.E; Send for...Q-Squad; The Handcuff Hotspurs; Touchline Tearaways; the superheroic Tri-Man; Monty Muddle — the Man from Mars (in fact, a retitled reprint from Buster); Kid Commandos; Consternation Street; The Thirteen Tasks of Simon Test; Threat of the Toymaker; Ghost Ship; The Pillater Peril; Birdman of Baratoga; Sam's Spook; The Haunts of Headless Harry; Nick and Nat — The Beat Boys (in fact a retitled reprint from Wham!); Wiz War; The Battle of Britain; Wacker; Big Ead; Sammy Shrink and Percy's Pets. Following its cancellation, Smash! was merged with Valiant. Smash! Annuals were published from 1967 to 1976.

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