Soul Gun Warrior (2000 AD progs 867 to 872) and its sequel, Soul Gun Assassin (progs 920 to 925), were strips drawn and written by Michael Coulthard, using the nom de plume of 'Shaky 2000'.

The plot

The basic premise of this rather odd story is that the ghost of Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is haunting the stratosphere and destroying American spacecraft, so Dr Bob Oppenheimer (working out of Atomic City, a secret base in the Nevada desert) creates a weapon called the Soul Gun which can send a volunteer to the astral plane to fight Gagarin. The unfortunate volunteer is not, however, informed that his transition will be accomplished via a bullet in the head.

Judge Planet, an earlier story also drawn by Coulthard, is set in the Judge Dredd universe and features a similar piece of technology which is also called the Soul Gun.

Bob Oppenheimer

By Shaky Kane