Space 1999 was a live action 1970s TV series created by Gerry Anderson, previously the creator of several puppet based series', concerning a group of humans cast adrift in space on Moonbase Alpha after the Moon was thrown out of Earth's orbit, looking for a new place to live or, for preference, a way home. Five Space 1999 Annuals were published by World Distributors between 1975 and 1979, dated 1976-1980. All contained the standard mix of strip content, text stories and features.

An unrelated two page Space 1999 strip, drawn first by John M. Burns (for the first three stories) and then by Mike Noble (when the strip moved into black & white) and written by Angus Allan, appeared in the TV based weekly comic Look-In from Autumn 1975 to Spring 1977. Other comics adaptations appeared in the US and Germany.

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