Art from Green Nemesis

Spaceship Away is a quarterly comic magazine published by Rod Barzilay since 2003 primarily for the purpose of continuing the adventures of Dan Dare in the style of the original Eagle (to which end, he initially recruited artists Keith Watson and Don Harley, both of whom had worked on the original Eagle strip at various times, though sadly Watson died years before the project finally got off the ground, having only completed one episode of a new Dare strip). So determined was Barzilay to make the strip as authentic looking as possible, that every lead strip begins with a page drawn in the style of the front cover of the original Eagle complete with logo and price! The magazine later expanded its remit to include other sci-fi strips in a classical style, including Sydney Jordan's Hal Starr, a revival of newspaer strip Garth and a strip based on Charles Chilton's radio serial Journey into Space, as well as one page humour strips based on the Dan Dare cast such as Mekki, Dan Dire, Dan Bear and Our Bertie. The risque humour strip Space Girls proved less of a good fit and lasted only two episodes. The magazine is effectively a semi-professional 'fanzine', but its content (particularly in terms of the art) is easily on a par with, if not above, the majority of the professionaly produced British comics of its era.

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