Spider-Man Annuals have been published in Britain since 1975, by a number of publishers. From 1975-1996 these were published either by or on behalf of Marvel UK (first by World Distributors and then by Grandreams), though since that company's dissolution the annuals have been unconnected to any other publications. In both 2003 and 2005, two annuals were issued, the extra volumes tying in to the Spider-Man movies (as did the solitary 2008 annual). There were also three standalone publications: a Spider-Man & Hulk Omnibus in 1983, a Spider-Man & Friends Annual in 2009 and an Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Edition issued in 2012. The annuals have customarily included a mix of American Marvel Comics reprints, illustrated text stories (occasionally introducing new UK originated characters like Seth Youngblood), puzzles and features on Spider-Man himself.

Annual Gallery

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