Three Starlord Annuals were published between 1979 and 1981 (covered dated 1980-1982) following the cancellation of the weekly comic. All three featured strips starring characters from the Starlord comic itself, including Strontium Dog, Timequake, Ro-Busters and Mind Wars (this last one being the most interesting, since it was effectively a one-off follow up to a series definitely concluded when the weekly was cancelled and merged with 2000 AD) as well as reprints of science fiction stories from past IPC titles, including Phantom Patrol, Jimmi from Jupiter, Guinea Pig, "The Metal Men" (starring the Legend Testers), Return of the Sludge, The Robot Builders, Jet-Ace Logan and Captain Condor.

The originated strips were of variable quality, with the Strontium Dog strip by Keith Page in the 1981 Annual in particular being quite spectacularly badly drawn. The third annual is notable for having a truly beautiful cover photo of the Liberator from Blake's 7 which has absolutely nothing to do with the book itself. It also contains the only original appearance of a character called The Exterminator, who specialized in dealing with alien threats. It does not, however, contain any regular Starlord characters apart from Johnny Alpha, the Strontium Dog.

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