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Steve Parkhouse is a British comics artist, writer and letterer who has been working in the industry since 1969, when he wrote two stories for Marvel Comics in America, one starring Ka-Zar (in Marvel Superheroes #19) and the other starring Nick Fury (in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #12). He has since worked extensively in British comics, notably including Doctor Who Weekly, Doctor Who Monthly, The Empire Strikes Back, Warrior (on The Bojeffries Saga and The Spiral Path), Revolver (on Happenstance and Kismet), 2000 AD (on Big Dave, Kola Kommandos, Luke Kirby and Moonrunners) and Night Raven and the Black Knight for Marvel UK. He has also continued to work in American comics, including Milkman Murders for Dark Horse Comics.

Steve is married to letterer Annie Parkhouse.



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