Storm is a series originally created by the late Don Lawrence concerning the adventures of a 21st century astronaut (Storm himself) who gets lost in time after being sucked into a strange anomoly on Jupiter and, teaming up with the woman Ember (also known in various other countries as 'Roodhaar', 'Redhair' or 'Carrots'), ends up becoming a heroic warrior on what appears to be an Earth which has descended into barbarism. Storm and Ember are beamed to the Pandarve multiverse, where their travels take them into a succession of strange and dangerous adventures. The Storm stories are released in the form of separate albums, originally published in Holland though they have all been translated into English language editions as well as German and several other languages. One story, 'The Pirates of Pandarve', was reprinted in serialized form in Marvel UK's Strip! magazine in 1990 (Storm stories have also been serialized in Heavy Metal magazine). For some years, Storm was written by Kelvin Gosnell, co-creator of 2000 AD.

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