Superman UK Vol 1 1
Superman was a fortnightly title launched by London Editions Magazines on 16th June 1988. Primarily reprinting Superman stories from the American Superman, Adventures of Superman and Action Comics titles (though it actually began by reprinting the Man of Steel limited series by John Byrne which revamped the character) it also featured back-up strips starring Green Lantern and the Justice League International after switching to monthly frequency and a higher page count with issue #20. From issue #46 it switched to bimonthly frequency until the first volume ended with #56 in March 1993; after this, the series (by now titled The Adventures of Superman) was relaunched as a fortnightly publication again on 1st April 1993. The new series soon dropped back to monthly frequency and was cancelled with #15 in January 1994. The first issue of the series (edited by Brian M. Clarke) included a free gift of a cover mounted superman badge, while #2 carried a Superman postcard, #9 a Superman bookmark and #10 a Superman crossword. The first monthly issue, #20, carried a cover mounted Green Lantern badge. Later issues were published under the Fleetway Editions banner, and after its final cancellation the title joined the pages of Batman Monthly.

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